Month June 2019

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Data Analysis with Azure Data Studio SQL Notebooks

Markdown notebooks like Jupyter are all the rage for data science applications, especially given R and Python’s widespread use in advanced analytics. But what about good ole’ SQL? Let’s not forget about our basic SQL abilities to extract and analyze data. Thankfully, Microsoft now supports creating SQL notebooks in Azure Data studio. Notebooks are a great way to create a repeatable data analysis report and…
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Importing Data From PDFs in Power BI

Wouldn’t it be great if you could import data directly from PDFs? Well actually, with Power BI you already can! Power BI natively supports importing data from PDF files. Follow along and I’ll show how you can easily create a simple report from data stored in a PDF file.  For today’s post, I’ve sourced Nestle Groups 2017/2018 financials, which are stored in PDF format. Why did…