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Importing Data From PDFs in Power BI

Wouldn’t it be great if you could import data directly from PDFs? Well actually, with Power BI you already can! Power BI natively supports importing data from PDF files. Follow along and I’ll show how you can easily create a simple report from data stored in a PDF file.  For today’s post, I’ve sourced Nestle Groups 2017/2018 financials, which are stored in PDF format. Why did…
Azure Search

Unlocking Data Stored in Images, PDFs and Documents

“An estimated 80% of corporate data is unstructured” Because I work with SQL Server and BI tools, a lot of the time when I think of data, I immediately think of tables and records stored in databases. But when we look at an organization’s entire data store, most of it likely isn’t nicely organized and normalized here. No, it’s likely tied up in servers, in…
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Report Commenting in Power BI

Power BI Report Commenting in Web Service Here’s a quick tip to improve collaboration and encourage more discussion around the results shown in your Power BI reports. Microsoft recently added report commenting functionality to the PBI web service, and it couldn’t be easier to start using it. Just head to the header bar of the Power BI web service and click on “Comments”. This will…

Q&A with Simple Analytical

I recently did a Q&A with Simple Analytical. We talk about how I got started in the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics, and include tips for people trying to get in the industry. You can check it out here: #businessintelligence #analytics
Azure Cognitive Services

Twitter Sentiment Analysis with Azure Cognitive Services

Voice of the Customer Series – Part 2 In part 1 of my voice of the customer series blog post, I demoed how Twitter data can automatically be saved in Google Sheets using Microsoft flow. In this post, I’ll show how you can leverage the technology from Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to perform sentiment analysis on the tweets. This will allow you to determine how positively or negatively a brand…
Save Tweets to Google Sheets using Microsoft Flow

Automatically Save Twitter Data to Google Sheets with Microsoft Flow

Voice of the Customer Series – Part 1 In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to set up a Microsoft Flow to automatically save tweets that mention your brand, product or service to a Google Sheet. In a future post I’ll show how you can then explore this Twitter data and perform sentiment analysis on the tweets. This will allow you to evaluate how positively or negatively users…

SQL Query to Find Database Columns and Data Types

Have you ever found yourself searching through database tables trying to find a specific column? Many databases have hundreds (or maybe even thousands), of tables within them, so searching through these in SSMS can be a slow process. If you recently started at a new company and you are trying to learn the database structures, it could take some to memorize things. One of the challenges I…